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Between a VIP customer and leading specialists of European clinics. Medical Hospital Service takes care of all the necessary procedures

About Company


Medical Hospital Service company is created to provide our clients with maximum possible quantity of high–class services in the area of medical problems solving abroad, in correspondence with their social status. We are a connecting link between applying VIP client and leading experts from German clinics and we take accomplishment of all related necessary procedures upon ourselves.


Clinics offered by us are advanced medical research centers and are carriers and developers the latest global medical advances.

Medical centers


We offer the best German and European clinics for our patients treatment. These are leading cardiology, cardio-surgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, oncology, urology, orthopaedics and also rehabilitation clinics. Characteristic “the best” is based on the real ratings which are published in such affluent printed issues as FOCUS, Guter Rat-Ärzteliste etc.


Continuity at all stages of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation are key to successful recovery of patients, allow patients to return to normal life.

Treatment programs

Diagnostics and treatment

Medical Hospital Service company provides the highest level of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation. Only correct and well timed diagnostics guarantees successful treatment with the further rehabilitation. Medical Hospital Service company provides diagnostic procedure, treatment and rehabilitation of the highest level in the best diagnostic, clinical and rehabilitation centers of Germany and Europe.


Working together with German colleagues specialists in local clinics is an important element in achieving positive results in the treatment of patients.

Leading experts' consultations


Medical Hospital Service company conducts the distance consultations for the patients cooperating with the leading experts from Germany. According to results of these distance consultations the recommendations. Leading German experts in cooperation with Medical Hospital Service company conduct face-to-face consultations for patients in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other republics of the former Soviet Union.

The best service

Medical Hospital Service company offers exclusive patient care during treatment in the best clinics of Germany and Switzerland. Applying to our company You will be sure that You get the most professional consultations from the best doctors of Germany and Switzerland together with the highest level of patient care. We will chose the best professionals and clinics for You, Your relatives, friends and colleagues

For the duration of Your treatment abroad You will be accompanied by Your personal manager, who will save You from troubles and concerns connected with medical and everyday issues. Especially trained medical interpreter will provide You with highly professional medical interpretation during Your staying in a clinic and any time You need him in situations unrelated to medical program. Highly comfortable de luxe transport and professional drivers will make Your trips across the country convenient and unfatiguing.