Treatment in Germany and Switzerland

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About the Company

VIP medical Service offers exclusive healthcare and medical service for all kinds of patients in the best clinics of Germany and Switzerland. When calling or visiting our Company, you can be absolutely sure that you get the most professional advice of the best German and Swiss medical specialists as well as the high quality service.

We’ll find the best healthcare specialists and the top clinics for you, your family, friends and colleagues. You’ll have your personal manager for the whole treatment period that will release you from all medical and everyday problems. A certified medical interpreter provides the highly-professional translation services during the entire period of your stay at the clinic including the situations beyond your medical program. Comfortable luxury motor vehicles and professional drivers will make your tour round the country easy and unfatiguing.

We’re always ready to provide professional and comfortable aircraft transport including specialized medical airplanes for emergency patients and critical conditions. VIP Medical Service relies on the knowledge and experience of the German medical staff of our Company as they use their best experience of the German and European clinics and specialists. VIP Medical Service guarantees the best healthcare and treatment results and the top-level medical service.


No problem is insolvable for us. We provide all the solutions that are available in modern medicine and meet the highest VIP-service standards. We were founded for you and work for your special benefit.