Treatment in Germany and Switzerland

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On the web-page “Clinics in Germany” we have placed information about clinics having the greatest popularity among our patients. At your concrete will (for example, you preferred concrete clinic already or wish it in a certain part of Germany), we satisfy any your inquiry.

Portage La Prairie

Dear ladies and gentlemen, if you feel fatigue, slight malady, and insomnia, or you want to get into the fantastic world of relaxation, rest and harmony, to restore and strengthen your health after treatment in Germany, we are happy to help you! We offer you the choice of the best resorts in Switzerland.

Le Mirador Kempinski Medical Health Center

Reminiscent of a modern royal palace, Le Mirador Kempinski is majestically located on Mont-Pèlerin surrounded by picturesque landscape and is one of the best and most beautiful of Swiss hotel nowadays!

Gynecologic Clinic in Karlsruhe, Gynecology in Germany

The gynecologic clinic in Karlsruhe is located in a specially designed building built in 2003. The clinic under the direction of Prof. MD Ulmer is one of the best clinics of Germany and meets the highest standards and requirements of modern medicine. The maternity department and children's clinic are located in the same building that supports optimal treatment and first-class care of women and children.

Children's Hospital of Karlsruhe

Since 2003 the Children's Hospital ofKarlsruheis in the new building equipped perfectly. Friendly atmosphere, brightrooms, and the constant presence of the parents having the opportunityto stay free at the clinic give a feeling of home and house.

The Hospital of Karlsruhe

The hospital of Karlsruhe is one of the oldest hospitals in Germany. Along with the traditional methods, the newest methods of treatment in modern medicine are also used at the hospital.

The University Hospital of Heidelberg

 The University Hospital of Heidelberg is an integral part of the University of Heidelberg founded in 1386 under the patronage of Pope Urban IV. Over the past centuries, the University became one of the largest centers of academic life in Europe. Eight of its professors received the Nobel Prize; three of them got the Prize for achievements in medicine. The medical department of the University of Heidelberg has become the clinical center with excellent international fame.

University Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University

The University Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University is one of Europe's largest public health clinics. It is named after a district in the south-west of Munich, where it is located. The gynecology, obstetric and pediatric hospital is in the heart of Munich. The clinic has a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities.

Augustinum Clinic of Munich

The Augustinum Clinic of Munich is a modern medical institution, providing not only qualified medical services, but also the professional care for patients. To date, the clinic is a leading company in Germany in providing social services to the population. The basic principle of the clinic is to provide medical and proper care and social support to patients at the same place.

The clinic was founded in 1964 by evangelical pastor George Rueckert. The building is located in the western part of the city of Munich, close to the historic residence of St. Augustine, in whose honor was this clinic named. From 2004, the clinic is part of the University Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich.