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Portage La Prairie

Revitalization in the Clinic La Prairie

 Dear ladies and gentlemen, if you feel fatigue, slight malady, and insomnia, or you want to get into the fantastic world of relaxation, rest and harmony, to restore and strengthen your health after treatment in Germany, we are happy to help you! We offer you the choice of the best resorts in Switzerland.

 The clinic La Prairie is a very nice and comfortable hospital located on the shore of Lake Geneva surrounded by the beautiful Alps. The great selection of medical rehabilitation programs with the possibility of an individual approach, skilled staff, and wonderful nature will help you renew your health, gain strength and feel younger!

At the Clinic La Prairie our patients find excellent location, luxury accommodation, rest and harmony at the highest Swiss quality!

This heavenly place became a favorite vacation spot for many people with well-known world names such as Charlie Chaplin, Marlene Dietrich, and Konrad Adenauer!

After visiting this place, you will never be able to forget the feeling of incredible lightness, fantastic unreality and vitality!

The desire to return here will come again and again!

Found in 1931 by Professor Niehans and universally recognized as a pioneer in various fields, the Clinic La Prairie is a center of the newest treatment methods equipped with the perfect medical equipment.

Cordiality, correctness, chic environment, professionalism and innovation have brought international fame to the Clinic La Prairie.

The main purpose of the Clinic La Prairie is improvement of the life quality. Therefore, the clinic offers a whole range of medical services and treatments that maximize the effectiveness of your stay at this health club.

The Clinic La Prairie offers the following programs:

Medical examination

1. Cellular therapy (Revitalization)

A full medical examination precedes every health-improving program at the Clinic La Prairie. During two days the team of 60 doctors examines you in detail: laboratory tests, X-ray, cardiogram, ultrasound, colorimetry, and the test of physical activity. This is all you need for detection of the risk factors for your health. The specialists find the results of research and analysis in an interdisciplinary approach. You will discuss your personal situation with our specialists and receive an individual health program that meets all the needs of your body!

2. Unique body rejuvenation and treatment by means of CLP extract

Already in 1931 Professor Niehans suggested the idea to inject sheep embryo cells into his patients. He was convinced that the direction of these cells to damaged human organs caused renovation of the cell structure and stimulated the metabolism. The professor was right and without having known that, he became a founder of cellular therapy.

Since that time this method has been constantly developed in the La Prairie laboratories. The CLP extract used today is a concentrated substance exuded from the embryo liver rich in active substances. Scientific developments support absolute security in the application.

According to the results of research and laboratory tests, the La Prairie specialists prescribe you the CLP extract in the form of intramuscular injections carried out in your room. After an hour of rest, you can return to your individual health-improving program.

From now on, you can see the benefits of this treatment, namely the CLP extract strengthens the immune system, struggles with chronic viral diseases, and inhibits the development of cancer cells.

CLP rejuvenation treatment is a modern weapon against aging!

3. SPA & THALASSO therapy

 The world famous clinic is also based on the Program BEAUTYMED, a set of procedures for the internal and external beauty care.

The apparatus Gamma-BEAUTYMED based on electrical soft laser is used in aesthetic face and body. This apparatus gives a powerful but absolutely painless effect. Along with the use of high-tech devices, good therapeutic methods such as massage, hydrotherapy and ergotherapy are also used. Thalassotherapy is a vast area of aesthetic medicine and means the simultaneous use of sea water, mud, algae, sand and sea climate in the therapeutic and prophylactic purposes under medical observation.

The highest level of our staff's competence guarantees you the best medical services in the areas such as cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, gynecology, orthopedics, cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dentistry.

The programs BEAUTYMED of the Clinic La Prairie are a true fountain of youth, freshness and vitality!

4. Wellness

 During your stay in the clinic, you can also make use of the first-class-equipped sports and fitness centers. Already during the first visit to the fitness center you receive a coach at your disposal who will help you to make a health-improving program in view of your physical characteristics.

You follow this program under medical observation and in complete safety for your health. Besides, the clinic offers additional therapeutic procedures such as aqua aerobics, sofrology, hypnosis and a lot of massage types.

The whole work of the Clinic La Prairie is based on the philosophy focused on the patient! Dialogue and dedication are key principles of the staff. All treatments carried out at the clinic are also based on these principles!

5. Accommodation

 Patients may stay in any of the three buildings of the Clinic: Medical Center, Residence and Castle that has also the king's apartments named after the Russian guests.

All rooms, from standard rooms to the imperial suite, give relax and rest, meet the highest demands and wishes, and offer the atmosphere of elegance and luxury!