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Gynecologic Clinic in Karlsruhe, Gynecology in Germany

The gynecologic clinic in Karlsruhe is located in a specially designed building built in 2003. The clinic under the direction of Prof. MD Ulmer is one of the best clinics of Germany and meets the highest standards and requirements of modern medicine. The maternity department and children's clinic are located in the same building that supports optimal treatment and first-class care of women and children.

The Center specializes in diagnostics and treatment of mammary gland diseases:

  • treatment of benign and malignant tumors;

  • surgical correction of anomalies of the breast;

  • surgical reconstruction of the breast after its amputation

  • plastic surgery of the breast

Diagnosis and treatment of a whole range of gynecological diseases are carried out at the highest level by means of modern clinical equipment. Not only conservative treatment methods but also new technologies and minimally invasive surgery are used in treatment.

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