Treatment in Germany and Switzerland

The symbol of perfection, mastery, prestige and innovations

The Hospital of Karlsruhe

The hospital of Karlsruhe is one of the oldest hospitals in Germany. Along with the traditional methods, the newest methods of treatment in modern medicine are also used at the hospital.

Today, it has over 20 specialized clinics, some of which are also a part of the medical department of the University of Freiburg, and 5 institutions. Close cooperation of all clinics and institutions allows optimizing treatment of each patient. Only for the last year more than 55 000 patients received inpatient treatment and 110 000 patients got outpatient medical care.

The high level of medical personnel's qualifications and modern technical equipment makes it possible to optimize the accurate diagnosis and successful treatment of the whole range of diseases.


The Eye Clinic

Professor, MD Albert Augustin is a head of the clinic

  • Diseases of retina and vitreous body of the eye

  • Treatment of glaucoma and cataracts

  • Corneal diseases

  • Laser vision correction

The surgical center consists of three departments equipped in the best way:

1. Department of General and Visceral Surgery under the direction of professor MD Michael R. Schön offers a full range of modern surgery:

  • Treatment of benign and malignant tumors of internal organs

  • Diseases of esophagus, stomach and intestine

  • Disease of liver and pancreas

  • Minimally invasive surgery

  • Surgery of the endocrine system

  • Proctologic surgery

  • Diagnostics and treatment by means of endoscopic surgery

2. Department of orthopedic surgery and surgical service in cases of emergency

Professor Muller is a head of the department. Various non-invasive methods of treatment of the consequences of accidents, diseases of soft tissues, bones and joints are used along with "classic” minimally invasive and endoscopic surgical methods. The main areas of the clinic are:

Hand surgery:

  • Carrying out arthroscopic operations and examinations

  • Surgical treatment of injuries of bones, joints and bands

  • Endoscopic and open separation of carpal tunnel

  • Operation of contracture of palmar aponeurosis

  • Wrist arthroscopy

  • Surgical treatment of de Quervain's fracture

  • Treatment of arthrosis in knuckles

  • Surgical treatment of disorders in the structure of the wrist

  • Correction of the malposition of bones and joints

  • Tenoplasty and operations to improve hand movements

Surgery of the shoulder covers a whole range of treatments for the accident consequences, degenerative changes, injuries of ligamentous shoulder joints, diseases of soft tissues of the shoulder girdle.

Along with the conservative treatment of fractures, tendon ruptures, muscle injuries and their consequences, modern methods of reconstructive and endoscopic surgery are used in surgery of pelvic limbs. Partial and complete endoprosthesis replacement of hip, knee and shoulder joints is carried out. Surgical treatment of infectious diseases of bones, joints and muscles and of the primary tumors of bone tissues as well as operations to stabilize pathological changes of bones are carried out at the department of surgery of the shoulder.

3. Department of Surgery of the vascular system

Prof. Dr.M. Storck is the department head. The purposes of the department include treatment of vessel diseases, injuries and arteriovenous, venous and lymphatic malformations with the use of surgical and conservative treatment methods.

The clinic specialists give special attention to treatment of acute and chronic disorders of leg blood circulation (obliterating atherosclerosis of lower limb vessels), aortic aneurysm by means of the general surgical and endovascular methods (stenting), treatment of carotid arteriostenosis, varicose veins, dialysis shunt, and implantation systems of portal catheters for chemotherapy.

The clinic under the direction of Prof. D.M. Hepptt specializes in treatment of ear/nose/throat diseases.

  • Diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases

  • Endonasal microscopic and endoscopic operations of chronic inflammatory diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses

  • Microscopic operations of auditory function disorders, chronic inflammation of the middle ear, and setting of cochlear implant

  • Plastic surgery

  • Sleep diagnosis (identifying the causes of snoring, the syndrome of sleep apnea)

  • Oncotomy: benign and malignant tumors

The clinic under the direction of Prof. D.M Gehring specializes in treatment of skin diseases. Great experience and constant scientific research in this field makes it possible to achieve optimal results of treatment of a range of skin diseases. A distinctive feature of the clinic is its own research laboratory.

The clinic specializes in the following areas of medicine:

  • Urgent histological examination in basiloma surgery

  • Melanoma surgery

  • Sonography of lymph nodes

  • Differentiated Doppler sonography of varicosity and chronic venous insufficiency

  • Surgical treatment of varicose veins

  • Various allergologic tests

  • Doppler of neck vessels

  • The use of laser in the treatment of cancer and abnormal pigmentation

  • Akne-therapy