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Commercial Aviation

In our practice, often there are cases when patients for health reasons cannot be transferred by plane concerning customs control and a large number of passengers in the cabin. There are situations when it is necessary to urgently send a patient for treatment in Germany to save his life!

In any case, if you, your family or friends need help with organizing the transfer of patients by specialized medical transport, please contact us immediately!

We organize:

  • Full range of services of medical evacuation and transportation of the patient

  • Medical support of the patient during transfer

  • Organization of the positioning of a patient in a hospital concerning his diagnosis and severity of condition

  • Drawing up all necessary documents as a matter of urgency

The types of sanitary aviation of patients are:

  1. Transportation abroad of clinostatic patients who do not need emergency care. In such cases, we recommend you to go for treatment abroad by a scheduled plane. The patient will be laid on a special hand frame and conveniently placed in specially designated areas (by prior arrangement with the airline carrier). If necessary, the medical support with intensive cure equipment and oxygen on board is possible. The car that takes the patient to the clinic will wait at the ramp.

  1. Emergency evacuation of patients. The patients who are in critical condition need such transfer. Specialized medical airplanes are equipped with all necessary equipment and are ready to fly 24 hours per day.

Two types of aircraft are used for emergency evacuation:

  • Special medical aircraft

On board there is everything necessary for the transportation of seriously ill patients. During the flight qualified physicians accompany the patient.

  • Transport aircraft

In this case resuscitation ambulance with the patient and the team of doctors get aboard of the large transport aircraft.