Treatment in Germany and Switzerland

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Frequently asked questions

1. I want to get treatment in Germany, but I'm afraid that it is very expensive.

The cost of treatment in Germany is the same or not much more expensive than in the best clinics of your country. Due to the high level of the doctors' professionalism and medical diagnosis treatment can cost less sometimes because additional tests and treatment are not necessary.

2. What is the approximate cost of medical treatment in Germany?

The cost of treatment in Germany is calculated individually depending on the diagnosis and needs of the patient. In each case we provide a proposal for the stay including all medical and administrative costs. The full check up (including travel documents) can cost from Euro 2500. The consultation of the specialist, whom we select according to your medical report, can cost from 200 euro.

3. How much time do I need to prepare my departure?

As a rule, the registration of all documentation for the departure takes about one week. If necessary, we can organize the departure for a shorter period of time, too.

4. When it is necessary to make the payment: before or after treatment?

The German clinics accept foreign patients only upon the condition of complete pre-treatment. But if the treatment cost exceeds the deposit amount for any reason, our company makes it possible to pay until the patient returns home. If the treatment is reduced for some reasons, the unclaimed funds are returned to the patient.

5. How much time can take my stay in the clinic?

It depends on the complexity of treatment or surgery. If you need only a consultation, the whole trip may take one day. You can have a full medical check up only for one day, too. Surgical treatment takes no more than 7-14 days in the hospital usually. In some cases, the patient can go home already on the third day after surgery.

6. What documents do I need for the trip?

If you have an opinion of doctors and the clinical report extracts, you should bring them to a meeting with our consultant in Moscow, because they will help to make the most complete and competent inquiry to Germany.

For visa receiving you need the following documents:

  • 3 color photos 3.5 x 4.5

  • Passport + a copy of the 1st page

  • A copy of the Russian passport

  • Work certificate indicating the period, position and salary

  • The extract from your account that you have 3000 euro on your account

  • Confirmation of 100% payment of medical treatment or consultation

  • Questionnaire (2 copies)

Our company provides other travel documents. 

7. What guarantees do you provide?

According to the German laws, all doctors are insured, and in case of medical errors the patient is entitled to material consideration. Our company provides full support to their patients and, if necessary, guarantees legal assistance.

8. Where will I live in Germany?

Depending on the type of treatment, your stay in Germany can be inpatient and outpatient. The Association can book a room in a comfortable hotel for you. We can book an apartment for you if you want a long-term stay in Germany (for example, childbirth). The apartment is like a comfortable hotel but costs much cheaper. In some cases, you'll need to spend a few days in the hospital. Usually it is included in the cost of the operation or treatment.

9. Can I travel with accompanying persons?

Of course, your family can travel with you. We perform travel documents and provide the whole range of administrative services also for your family. If necessary, your family and friends can stay with you in the hospital.

10. Do you offer medical treatment in Russia?

No, we do not. Our company specializes in organizing and conducting medical programs in the clinics of Germany and Switzerland.