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Payment for treatment

We frequently receive questions concerning payment for treatment abroad. While economic crisis, this issue has become particularly hot. And it is clear because no one wants to overpay a clinic or medical agents.

In this section we give answers to the most frequent questions concerning payment for treatment.

When must treatment be paid?

Payment in advance for forthcoming treatment is a basic condition for admitting of the patient to the hospital. Payment is made by bank transfer. Only a few clinics approve for payment in cash and credit cards.

How is calculated the cost of treatment?

A previous calculation of treatment cost is drawn up on the basis of patient records. Upon request of the patient, extra-budgetary resources (the cost of accompanying person, day cost for meals and other needs, the purchase of medicines and medical accessories), which will be given to the patient at his arrival in cash payment, may be included in the calculation.

On whose bank account will be made payment in advance?

In most cases, the cost of treatment will be transferred to the account of the hospital. The cost of services including the commission of our company will be transferred to our account. In some cases, it is difficult for the hospitals to calculate the deposit amount and requested a letter of guarantee from our company with the obligation to cover all costs for the forthcoming treatment. In this case, payment for treatment and our company's services will be transferred to our account. We make payment for treatment from the given deposit.

How do you recount, if the treatment was not carried out as planned and the amount of funds has not been spent?

In this case, we give the act of the work done and the balance is paid to the patient.

How long does it take to recalculate?

It depends on the clinic. The minimum period is 2 weeks, but an average of 2-3 months.

What to do if the patient needs a further examination or treatment?

In this case, the patient should expand his deposit.

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