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Foot Surgery

The damage and pain in the feet are the most frequent cause of orthopedic treatment. Most of these diseases are well treated with conservative methods. However, surgical treatment is necessary in 10-20% of cases.

Foot surgery has significantly changed over the past 10 years. Now if the doctors select operative technique, they take into account not only the type of damage, but also the age, weight and occupation of the patient.

There are foot surgery departments in many orthopedic clinics of Germany. About 130 techniques of surgical foot treatment are currently applied, for example:

  • osteochondrous transplantation

  • ankle replacement (endoprosthetics)

  • tendon transplantation

All of them are aimed at preserving the function and mobility of the joint. Post-operative rehabilitation is an integral part of treatment. Special shoes, physical therapy and physiotherapy significantly accelerate the cure process.






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