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Treatment of prostate cancer in Germany

Do not despair if the examination found a malignant tumor of the prostate (prostate cancer). According to statistics, the early detected prostate cancer can be treated in 90% of cases, even preserving full potency.

Types of treatment of prostate cancer in Germany

Total resection means a cavitary or endoscopic removal of the prostate, together with the spermary. Indications: Stage T 1-2 N 0 M 0

The endoscopic method is the most reduced method for treating prostate cancer. After 2-3 days the patient can be discharged from the hospital. Not many specialists use this method for treating prostate cancer. Professor Hohenfellner, a founder of the Prostate Center at the Heidelberg University Hospital (Baden-Württemberg) is the most famous specialist.

Radiation therapy is an alternative method of prostate cancer treatment in case of contraindications to radical surgery.

There are following methods of radiotherapy in the treatment of prostate cancer:

  • Percutaneous irradiation

  • Combined irradiation: anal + percutaneous

  • Brachytherapy

Brachytherapy is a local irradiation of the prostate through the so-called seed implants containing Iodine-125. Up to 50 seeds are implanted in the prostate (depending on the size of the prostate) and the radiation is carried out by iodine-125 through them. This method allows to reach high-dose local irradiation directed to 160-220 Gy. The effectiveness of the treatment of prostate cancer is very high. Indications: Stage T 1c-T3b N0 M0

Low-invasive methods for the treatment of prostate cancer in Germany

  • Cryosurgery - destruction of tumors by cold

  • Ultrasonic destruction of prostate cancer by achieving high temperatures up to 100 C ° HIFU

  • Radiofrequency therapy

  • Conservative therapy

  • Hormone therapy

  • Chemotherapy

German experts select the most appropriate method of treatment depending on age, stage of disease and concomitant diseases.

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