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Treatment of ENT diseases (Ear Nose Throat diseases) in Germany

The clinics of Germany offer the whole range of diagnosis and treatment of Ear Throat Nose diseases known in the medicine world today.

The close cooperation of many specialized clinics optimizes a treatment program for each patient taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism and the disease.

The scientific conferences and the constant exchange of experience not only among German ENT specialists, but also international professionals offer the possibility of the continuous research and development work to optimize the treatment of otolaryngologic diseases.

Germany is one of the leading acoustic apparatus producers of in the world.

Treatment of ENT diseases in the clinics of Germany includes the following fields:

Treatment of ear disease

  • Chronic inflammatory disorder of the middle ear in children and adults

  • Conservative and microsurgical treatment of the middle ear diseases to improve hearing function and the problems associated with the equilibratory sense

  • Acoustic apparatus implantation (cochlear implantation)

 E.g., Vibrant Soundbridge is a good alternative for patients with moderate or severe inner ear disorders and without concomitant middle ear disorders.

This device is ideal for the people who have problems with a conventional acoustic apparatus.

A bone-anchored hearing apparatus (BAHA) is another new device. This apparatus is attached directly to bone tissue (unlike conventional removable acoustic apparatuses). 


  • Cochlear implantation from one and/or two sides in case of high deafness and/or anacousia
  • Surgery of petrosal bone tumors

Nose Surgery

  • FESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery) uses the latest models of the operational navigation;

  • Functional and aesthetic surgical treatment for correction of the external nose shape;

  • Functional nasal septum surgery, conchotomy (outpatient treatment is possible, too);

  • Nasal cavity surgery (functional endoscopic surgery, too);

  • Skull base surgery;

  • Treatment of post-traumatic effects and cancer in conjunction with specialists from related areas of medicine


  • Diagnosis to identify causes of allergy of the nasal mucosa;

  • Selection of therapy

Salivary glands

  • Treatment of tumor entities, various inflammatory diseases, post-traumatic effects, as well as the removal of stones by the latest pharmacology methods and low-invasive surgical techniques;

  • Microscopically controlled parotid gland surgery


  • Complete diagnosis including special examinations such as stroboscope, pH-meter and myography;

  • Treatment of tumor entities, various inflammatory diseases, post-traumatic effects, and laryngeal stenosis;

  • Laryngeal microsurgery;

  • Laser surgery;

  • The function preserving and radical surgical methodology used in the treatment of tumor entities (depending on the stage of the disease);

  • Phonosurgery (improvement of the human voice function);

  • Postoperative control tests, especially after treatment of tumor diseases


  • Treatment of tumor entities, various inflammatory diseases, and post-traumatic effects;

  • Treatment of various types of tracheal stenosis: transverse resection, stent installation


  • Treatment of tumor entities, various inflammatory diseases, and post-traumatic effects;

  • Microsurgical treatment methods of otolaryngologic diseases in children (laser-tonsillotomy);

  • Plastic and reconstructive neck surgery

Development and improvement of treatment methods help to enjoy life again!

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