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Treatment of brain and spinal cord tumors in Germany

There is no doubt that the brain tumor is a deadly disease. And diagnosis is carried out often at a stage when a surgical intervention is impossible or impractical. Exactly in such cases patients begin to look for a specialist who can carry out the operation.

It is difficult to find a first-class specialist even in such medical-developed country like Germany. From time to time the German Focus Magazine publishes a list of the leading specialists in a particular field of medicine that helps patients and their family doctors in the selection.

According to the German Focus Magazine, the Neurosurgery Wedau-Clinic was recognized as one of the best clinics in Germany in 2007. Up to 2100 operations are carried out at the clinic annually (a total number of patients is about 5700 per year). The Wedau-Clinic offers a full range of treatment of diseases of the central nervous system and spine:

  • Cerebral angioma

  • Spinal vascular malformations

  • Orbital tumors, inaccessible skull tumors

  • Inaccessible malignant brain tumors

  • Disturbances of the development of the skull in children

  • Benign brain tumors: neurinoma, meningioma, adenoma, etc.

  • Spine disease

  • Spinal cord tumors

Martin Sholz

Professor Hassler and neuroradiologist Prof. Sholz have made a good name for the Wedau-Clinic. Their experience and fruitful cooperation make it easy to solve all the challenges of diagnosis and treatment of patients. Professor Sholz has operated more than 15000 patients during 30 years of the work in the clinic. In addition, Professor Sholz is the author of various operational techniques confirmed by numerous publications. 


Professor Sholz is an honorary member of the American, European and German Association of Neurological Surgeons.

Preparation of the patient for computer navigation
Professor Sholz is carrying out the operation by use of the computer navigation method 
Fluorescence microscopy in case of brain operations 

The treatment of brain tumors proceeds in the following way:

Preparations for the examination of various organs and body systems are carried out after the diagnosis and determination of the surgical method. Doctors must be sure that the patient is able to undergo this complex surgery well.

After the brain surgery the patient is placed in the intensive care department for 1 day. Specialists observe the patient with intensity until the next day, after which a test brain examination is carried out using computer tomography.

On the next day the patient is transferred to the general department where he has medical gymnastics. The average stay of the patient in the hospital after the brain surgery is from 7 to 14 days depending on the severity of the disease.

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