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Surgery of the orbit

In the orbit there are different tumor formations that can cause pressure on the eyebulb. In the neglected case, this leads to the defeat of the eyebulb and optic nerve damage. Professor Hassler won a solid reputation in the field of orbital surgery as knowledgeable and experienced surgeon in Germany. This fact is confirmed by a range of patients with such pathologies from all over Germany and Europe. Professor Hassler has his own technology and methods inherited from his world-known teacher Professor Seeger.

Here you can see the tumor marked in red, which covered the optic nerve and puts pressure on the eyebulb.

Here you can see the state after a few months after the operation. The tumor within the orbit was removed, so that now the eye took its former position. The patient was discharged from the hospital 7 days after the surgery.

There are various approaches while the orbit operations. The most frequent approach used in our clinic is the cut in the eyebrow, and then the rhaphe is hardly visible.

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