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Pragnancy and childbirth in Germany

Each year, a great number of women (over 5000) come to Germany to give birth to their baby. In maternity wards there are all the comfortable conditions for the mother and her child. German hospitals are ideal for women with normal pregnancy and for women with complications during pregnancy. The presence of a loved person (e.g. husband or mother) is welcomed during the birth in the clinics of Germany. Such support has a positive impact on mothers, but in some cases requires a certain moral and physical preparation of the accompanying person. That is why you learn in the training courses how and what to do in certain situations.

The process of birth in Germany

The medical staff gives you warmth and care from the first presentation in the clinic. A balanced program of nutrition and physiotherapy is made according to the individual diagnosis.

If the pregnancy goes well, the observation should be ambulatory (to live in the hotel or apartments). During the prenatal period, you have special birth training courses (theoretical training, physical exercise, techniques of relaxation and proper breathing, the exercises in the swimming pool, yoga, etc.). The SST control should be every week to monitor fetal life.

If pregnancy is normal, there is no need to come to Germany in advance. But it is important to come to Germany before the 36th week, if you decide to travel by plane! If you have any complications during pregnancy (possible early delivery, multiple pregnancy, diabetes, hypertension, neurological diseases, cardiovascular diseases, disturbance of the development of the fetus, malignant tumor, etc.), it makes sense to come to Germany in advance for constant observation by German specialists.

Prenatal diagnosis

9-12 weeks of pregnancy:

  • Definition of pregnancy, measurement of the growth of the child

  • Identification of development of the fetus

  • A study on the presence of Trisomy 21 (Down's syndrome)

20-22 weeks of pregnancy:

  • Precise measurement of the child

  • Determination of the amount of amniotic fluid

  • Diagnosis of possible disturbance of the development of internal organs of the child

  • Assessment of the placenta and the uterine blood supply

29-32 weeks of pregnancy:

  • Assessment of the growth of the fetus

  • Determination of the amount of amniotic fluid and placenta

  • Assessment of children's organs

  • If necessary, Doppler ultrasound to assess blood flow in the navel-cord and children's vessels

If the examination has identified pathology, the following diagnosis is carried out:

  • Amniocentesis (amniotic fluid studies)

  • Chorionic villus biopsy / placental puncture

  • Cordocentesis (Umbilical Blood Sampling)

You can see your baby before birth thanks to modern 3D-ultrasound technology.


  • Natural vaginal birth (including in water) using acesodyne (by request: lumbar anesthesia, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, etc.)

  • Caesarean section (including multiple pregnancy)

  • Vaginal premature birth (including multiple pregnancy)

Delivery rooms are equipped with unique chairs designed in such a way that women feel the most convenient and comfortable. Their unique design allows you to give birth in the most convenient position. Highly qualified professionals, who always render necessary assistance, work in the maternity department.

Puerperal period

The program can be made individually or be a standard:

  • In-patient stay in a single-seated or twin-bedded wards with all facilities (normal birth up to 4 days; after Caesarean section up to 14 days)

  • Postpartum observation of the mother and child within the next 3 weeks

  • Obligatory neuropathological control of the child

  • An individual nutrition program is made according to the research results, by request post-rehabilitation and training of young mothers are possible

If you decide to give birth abroad, it is important to know that the child will not become a citizen of Germany. Parents must register the child in the Consulate of their country in Germany.
The mother and her baby may return home already in 2 weeks after birth.


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