Treatment in Germany and Switzerland

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In this section you will learn about some types of therapy in Germany. Here we put the following fields of medicine as cardiology, cardiosurgery, orthopedics, general surgery, vascular surgery, gynecology, urology, and maternity in Germany.

Microscopic nucleotomy for the cervical spine

As a rule, cervical spine disk herniation removing is an open operation: the spine disk is replaced by different objects. It can be a part of the patient’s hipbone or a case of various nature like titanium (that is the most widely spread). These days, spine disk prostheses are winning more and more popularity among doctors and patients. The operation main advantage is the instant limb pain relief and the zero chance of cervical spine hernia return. The patient is dismissed from hospital on the 3rd day. We recommend to wear a special cervical semi-hard collar for 4 weeks. The neck brace is optional for the spinal disk replacement surgery.

Interspinal "spacer"

It’s a minimum invasive method of the functional lumbar spine stenosis treatment. So-called "spacer” is implanted between spines enlarging the space between the intervertebral canal and intervertebral foramens allowing to avoid the classical intervertebral joint surgery. The surgical indications must be thoroughly analyzed on the basis of the patient’s screening examination that guarantees the surgery success. There are various "spacer” models. "X-Stop”, "Coflex” and "Superion” are the most popular ones. The patient may leave hospital on the 2nd-3rd day after the operation and the effect can be observed the next day. 

Percutaneous intradiscal thermocoagulation

It’s a minimally invasive method for the patients suffering discogenic pains.  A thin probe is inserted into the joint under X-ray control and then the fibrous ring thermal coagulation is performed.

Interphalangeal arthrosis

Proximal and distal interphalangeal arthrosis is the most common hand arthrosis. The cartilage aging and damages result into inflammation, partial or complete immobility and pains.
Hereditary factor may cause these diseases (women suffer them 10 times more often than men) but medical specialist are not always sure about it.
We can observe proximal and distal interphalangeal joints swelling and knot formation on the toe sides. These visible changes cause acute pain and immobility. X-ray can be the evidence of the disease.

Ulnar nerve syndrome

Ulnar nerve syndrome is characterized with acute pain, paresthesia and sometimes itching along the cubital side in the 4th-5th fingers. The ulnar nerve entrapment in the elbow area cause sensitivity disorders in the back of the hand. The nerve is in the unprotected area that may result into often damages or entrapment caused by hits or intensive physical activity.
The nerve damage brings about sensor disorders in the little finger including its numbness. Later, it may result into the palm muscles atrophy or inability to bring the fingers apart and together. In such cases, you should have the neuropathologist’s advice.

Elbow joint arthroscopy

Due to the invention of specialized arthroscopes for minor joints, the German specialists can apply arthroscopy for the elbow joint treatment. This minimally invasive method helps to avoid the classical surgery in many cases. At the same time, it is efficient for eliminating the disease causes. 

Endoscopic diskectomy

The entire operation lasts 45 minutes under general anesthesia. A needle is placed into the damaged spine disk to position the guide correctly and then the needle is removed. A tube is brought to the surgical area along the guide through a small cut (up to 2 cm) on the back. Special microsurgical instruments are used via the tube

Forefoot, talipes valgus, mallet toe

The foot consists of 26 bones interconnected with about 100 ligaments and 20 muscles. The basic foot function is to bear the body weight and support the human movement. Lots of foot nerves control the motions and provide the vertical body position.

Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment

Different inflammations, flexor tendon swelling, hand and wrist fractures and tendon tissue swelling after rheumatoid arthritis cause the swelling inside the canal affecting the nerve as the most sensitive area.
You can feel numb and tingling of the fore, middle and fourth fingers sometimes accompanied by intensive burning. These symptoms often arise at night or when your hand and arm rest in the same position for a long time like when driving.
Nerves are the most delicate structures. All the damages existing during a long period of time can result into the functional complications some of which are nonreversible

Spinal disk herniation: spine treatment

The backbone (vertebrarium) is always under a great load while we’re walking, running or even sitting. Elastic pads or spinal disks (SD) create amortization effect as their elasticity and resistance compensate all the physical loading.
SD consists of the inner and outer layers: a fibrous ring (outer layer) that is formed of the ring-type high-strength fiber and Nucleus pulposus (inner layer) that is a jellylike amortization pad.