Treatment in Germany and Switzerland

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In this section you will learn about some types of therapy in Germany. Here we put the following fields of medicine as cardiology, cardiosurgery, orthopedics, general surgery, vascular surgery, gynecology, urology, and maternity in Germany.

Cervical cancer

Cervical tumors are subdivided into benign and malignant. The first one (polyps, cysts or genital warts) are less dangerous as they don’t cause any danger to the human health and never expand to the neighboring tissues.

In their turn, malignant tumors grow quickly and expand to the healthy tissues affecting the human health. The neighboring cervical tissues and other organs are damaged. Such cancer spread is called metastasis.

Cervical cancer appears on the surface cervical cells. With the course of time, the damaged cells penetrate into the deeper layers and neighboring tissues affecting the blood and lymphatic vessels going across the entire body.

Dorsal disk herniation

Dorsal disk herniation is characterized with the painful feelings in the upper back that get even worse when coughing or sneezing. But breast and stomach aches are not characteristic for the herniation only. When making the diagnosis you should exclude heart, lung and kidney diseases, gastric distress and other musculoskeletal system disorders. There are lots of other spine diseases that have the similar symptoms: spinal fractures (e.g. for osteoporosis), infections, tumors and metabolic disorders.

Cruciate ligament rupture

Cruciate ligament injuries are much more often nowadays. Most people suffer 65% of all the traumas when doing sports (as a rule, skiing, football or basketball). Anterior cruciate ligament rupture is the leader of all the injuries (47.6%) and medial collateral ligament damage takes the second place. Sometimes both ligaments are damaged.
Anterior CL rupture usually occurs due to the twisting strain resulting from abrupt deceleration or movement direction change. At the injury moment, one can feel characteristic crunch and then – instability. The joint often inflames for some days (as the meniscus injury result).

Chemotherapy for cervical cancer

Special agents are used for CT to prevent the cell growth and division and to eliminate them. These agents are injected intravenously. The therapy is carried out in hospital or on the outpatient basis depending on how the patient tolerates the manipulation.

The chemotherapy side-effects depend on the injected agent and its quantity. The drug helps to prevent the cancer cells proliferation but it also negatively affects the healthy cells like blood cells.

Endometriosis treatment

They normalize the ovary function and prevent the new endometriosis areas. But the conservative therapy is effective at the disease beginning stage only if cyst is detected. It is worth mentioning that there’re some counter-indications for hormone therapy.

The endometriosis surgery treatment is applied for ovarian endometrioma removal or when conservative treatment didn’t bring any positive results. Laparoscopic method is nowadays widely used s it allows to perform the laser or electrocoagulation operation through a small cut. But the patient should undergo conservative rehabilitation course and physiotherapy after the operation to normalize the menstruation cycle. If the disease is severe and the woman is not planning to have any more children the uterus is completely removed.

Vaginal cancer diagnostics, stages

If the vaginal cancer diagnosis is confirmed a number of other tests are performed to determine the damaged vaginal cell spreading rate. Determining the cancer stage is quite important as that’s extremely important for choosing the efficient vaginal cancer treatment method. The manipulations that help to estimate the cell condition are as follows:

Shoulder joint calcific tendonitis

Calcific tendonitis is characterized with the crystallized calcium phosphate formations in the tendons. The causes of these formations have not been studied yet. The symptoms can be different: no symptoms at all or acute pain, movement restraint and shoulder stiffness. CT is usually visible on the X-ray.

The treatment is aimed at the pain relief by means of the calcium formation removal or concomitant irritation relief to preserve the shoulder mobility and prevent the muscle atrophy.

Rotator cuff tear

Rotator cuff tear is the tear of shoulder joint surrounding tendons (supraspinatus, infraspinatus and subscapular tendons). Supraspinatus tendons are more prone to injuries as they are worn out easily. But the problem may also result from an accident. The rotator cuff tears are more often with the older people. They break the shoulder joint biomechanics causing painful feelings and mobility limitations.

Vaginal cancer treatment

Gynecologic-oncological diseases treatment can be rather difficult as there’s a great recurrence or metastasis chance if the neoplasm wasn’t removed completely. Recurrent VC is more difficult to treat. We work in cooperation with some German clinics that have quite powerful gynecologic-oncological departments carrying out scientific research, working on therapy methods and implementing new technologies. That allows to minimize the recurrence risk for the vaginal cancer therapy and make it the most efficient.

Let’s consider three basic VC treatment methods: surgery, irradiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Cervical cancer treatment

Many German oncology centers have special departments for gynecologic oncology. And the staff of these departments is so numerous that they can be considered as separate clinics both implementing treatment programs and carrying out scientific research on new methods development and implementation. Our company works in cooperation with dozens of such specialized clinics.

Due to well-trained and experienced staff and hi-tech equipment, the cervical cancer surgery has the minimum risk for the patient. These operations are less of a problem for German surgeons as the main principle of such surgery is "the patient arrives, undergoes the operation and leaves the hospital”. Of course, it is preceded by detailed medical examination that takes about 2 days.

This method allows a woman to get rid of this terrible disease and get back to her usual life-style in the shortest possible time. It also reduces the treatment expenses as the German specialists never do any guess-work as to the treatment methods: their experience and diagnostics allow to take efficient decisions as to the treatment program and to be sure about the result in advance.