Treatment in Germany and Switzerland

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Choosing the clinic for treatment abroad

Each patient wishing to receive medical treatment in Germany faces with a problem of the medical program organisation, search and choice of a clinic. How is it possible to make the best choice of a specialised medical institution?

  1. In order to choose the right hospital is necessary to have all information about it, its equipment, medical staff and leading doctors. You should ask your physician as well as relatives and friends who have already been treated in Germany. You can find a lot of information about the clinic on the Internet. You should look for information on the activities and achievements of doctors in the medical periodicals published in Germany. But in this case, there is still the language problem.

  1. You should not rely only on the large university centers. They offer more expensive treatments usually, and it is almost impossible to see world-known professors because they have no free minute. There are many different specialized municipal and private clinics, where treatment is carried out by experienced doctors on a high, professional level. Treatment in these hospitals costs much cheaper. Besides, doctors, particularly surgeons, operate the whole working day and do not have time to write scientific papers. However, they have wide practical experience in surgery and are often the "golden hands” of the clinic.

  1. You should request information on the qualification profile of the clinic. The number of patients and surgical interventions per year suggest the experience of this clinic. It is necessary to take into account how many highly skilled health workers work there. How long do the doctors of the clinic work in the field of medicine? Are there additional departments (physiotherapy, exercise therapy, clinical laboratory)?

  1. You should make several inquiries to various hospitals for treatment of your disease in order to analyze every hospital and make your choice. The cost of the same services is very different very often.

  1. Refusing a separate chamber and services of the head doctor, you can reduce the cost of treatment. In this case, patients are usually placed in two-bedded or three-bedded wards with toilet and shower. In addition to the head doctor, highly qualified specialists with wide practical experience work at the clinic. An exception is the treatment of cancer and diseases of internal organs because the head doctor's opinion is very important in this case.

  1. Choosing the medical program you need to take into account the specific character of your disease. Are there all the conditions for early rehabilitation after the operation or treatment in the clinic?

  2. Good translation of the medical report extracts in German is important. Any hospital would not waste its time on the translation of your documents. As a consequence, the hospital will not consider your request.

  1. The cost of treatment can not be accurately calculated. The clinic names the highest amount for the treatment of this disease. If your treatment will cost less than previously, the clinics in Bavaria have every right not to pay the patient the difference (the law for foreign patients, January 1998). Therefore, we advice you to send the request to several hospitals for possible further analysis.

We offer you the organization of your treatment in Germany. You must not organize your treatment by yourself.

We tell you briefly about the work of the clinics and the agency organizing treatment in Germany





Contact with the clinic manager working with foreign patients. He/she has no medical education usually.

A specific contact person is interested in creating optimal conditions for your treatment and has higher medical education.


Does not assist with the visa registration. After the pre-payment the hospitals fax a copy of treatment invitation. The original required in the consulate usually remains in hospital.

Providing full support for visa: registration, invitation, telephone conversations with the consular department, and if necessary, extension of the visa.



Airport-Hospital and Hospital-Airport

Does not


Placement of the patient and accompanying person

Does not

Books a room at the hotel

Solution of patients' domestic problems

Does not

Support in solving all problems

Translation of documents

Does not

Provides professional translation of medical documents from Russian into German and from German into Russian


As a rule, in German. The contract is that the patient agrees to pay the full amount of all treatment bills. There are no obligations to the patient.

The agency signs a contract for a specific treatment program and guarantees a choice of specialized medical institutions.


Does not give the patient a list of diagnosis and therapy, only the total amount that does not keep track of prices for individual procedures.

Specifies a list of services, diagnosis and therapy. Work with clinics allows you to control prices.


Health insurance during the stay in Germany

Does not

Obtains insurance in case of disease not specified in the contract during the stay in Germany.


Does not provide



Full prepayment is required, the size of which depends on the status of the clinic. University Hospitals are more expensive. If you have spent on treatment less than the originally supposed amount, the payment of the rest of money takes 6-9 months. Monitoring of prices for individual procedures is not possible. Some clinics in Bavaria do not return the difference on the basis of the law in relation to foreign patients adopted in January 1998 (see Calculation).

Requires full prepayment. If you have spent on treatment less than originally supposed amount, the payment of the rest of money takes within 3-4 weeks.



Does not take, but often it appoints a double tariff and 15% Risikozuschlag (extra charge for risk)

Takes depending on the agency. Average - 10% -20% of the cost of treatment. The more expensive treatment, the lower the percentage of commission.

Booking your flight

Does not

On request of the patient